Locksmiths in North London

Locks are found on a number of everyday things, including doors, filing cabinets, garages and motor vehicles. A locksmith can assist when someone has been locked out of their property, has lost or damaged keys, and needs their locks changed. Locksmiths are essential when keys have been lost or stolen, or when locks need to be repaired, installed or changed. In addition to residential and commercial properties, locksmiths also work with motor vehicles and equipment with locks such as safes and security systems.

Locksmith Services

Generally, a locksmith cuts keys for doors and windows. New keys may be needed when an original set has been broken, lost or stolen. A locksmith can also copy existing keys and create master keys for all locks in a property. They also make and copy transponder or chip keys. In addition to working with keys, locksmiths also repair, replace and rekey locks. They are also capable of fixing locks with a stuck key. Certain locksmiths provide 24-hour emergency call-out services, which is particularly convenient when someone has been locked out of their property or vehicle outside of regular business hours.

A locksmith can specialise in a number of services beyond working with house keys and locks. Specialised services include motor vehicle locksmith services for all types of cars, vans and motorcycles. A locksmith can replace door and ignition keys when they have been damaged, lost or stolen. They can also cut a duplicate set of keys for a motor vehicle. An auto locksmith might also be used to provide roadside assistance when a driver has locked their keys inside their vehicle.

Certain locksmith companies may also provide security services for homes and businesses. For example, a locksmith company might install and repair security systems such as security bars or grilles, electrical access control systems, alarms and CCTV. In addition to installing security systems, a locksmith may also be able to repair access control systems such as electronic key pads or PIN-enabled systems. A locksmith can also help with installing and repairing a safe, as well as removing or installing safes and locks on safes.

Regulation and Certification

Unlike in most countries, locksmiths are not regulated by the government. As a result, any individual may trade as a locksmith in the UK. Without proper training, a locksmith can do more damage to a key or lock and delivery low-quality work. In response to a lack of government oversight in the sector, trade associations have been established to monitor and accredit locksmiths in the UK to ensure high levels of workmanship and service.

There are two major trade associations that licence and certify locksmiths, including the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). The MLA is a non-profit organisation that promotes skill and ethical standards within the locksmithing industry. The association also offers training courses in becoming a locksmith and a locksmith apprenticeship programme. The MLA Approved Companies licensing scheme vets and regularly inspects companies to ensure they employ qualified locksmiths and maintain a high level of quality. The Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL) also represents professional locksmiths in the UK. Both associations maintain registries of certified locksmiths, including individuals and companies in North London.

Locksmiths that install or repair security systems are also accredited through a number of organisations, including the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the Security Systems Alarm and Inspection Board (SSAIB). Most police services will only respond to calls when security systems have been installed by a company accredited by the NSI or SSAIB. Installation of security systems must meet with British Standard BS 4737 or BS EN 50131 for wired systems and BS 6799 for wireless systems. They should also comply with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Intruder Alarm Policy. Companies that provide security installation, maintenance and repair services are also generally certified by individual insurance companies.